The knowledge of 304 Stainless steel

The advantages and knowledge of 304 stainless steel cups


304 stainless steel: It is a common material in stainless steel with a density of 7.93g/cm3, also known as 18/8 stainless steel in the industry.

High-temperature resistance of 800 degrees, with corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low-temperature strength, and good mechanical properties. It has good processing performance at room temperatures such as deep drawing and bending, and will not harden after heat treatment.

 It is widely used in industry, furniture decoration industry, and the food and medical industry.

304 is a general-purpose stainless steel that is widely used to make equipment and parts that require good overall performance (corrosion resistance and formability). 

In order to maintain the inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, the steel must contain more than 18% chromium and more than 8% nickel.


The benefits of 304 stainless steel cups:

1. Environmental protection and hygiene: eliminate the problems of red water, blue-green water, and hidden water, with no BPA, no peculiar smell, and no precipitation of harmful substances to keep the water pure, lead-free, and harmless to human health.

2. Wear resistance: The surface is beautiful, clean, bright, long-lasting, durable, scratch-free, never rusted, and never broken.

3. Durability: Steel has the longest life cycle of all reusable materials. Most stainless steel is made of chrome. When scratched, chromium rebuilds itself in the presence of oxygen. Chromium acts as a protective and healing layer, giving stainless steel bottles a long life cycle.

4. Better thermal insulation performance and insulation: The stainless steel cup has slow thermal expansion and cold contraction, and good thermal insulation performance. Steel also doesn't "sweat" or condense on the outside, so no coasters or insulation are needed.

5. Authoritative certification: The precipitation of stainless steel metal elements is lower than 5% of the standard value stipulated by the WHO and the European Drinking Water Act.

6. Recyclable: Every component of stainless steel can be separated, recycled, and reused. It is one of the only materials that can be recycled 100% in the recycling process. This gives it a longer recycling life, ultimately extending its usefulness and reducing waste.

7. Easy to clean: Stainless steel is also the easiest material to clean. Plastic tends to contain more bacteria, while stainless steel is more resistant to harmful sticky substances.

8. Stylish: Stainless steel has a stylish look. You know a lot of people carry their cups with them. It has become a fashion statement. Colored stainless steel is popular among men and women and comes in many different colors. 

9. Safety: Steel is one of the safest materials, which is why it is used in so many appliances. You also don't have to worry about it breaking or breaking in extreme temperatures, making it the safest and most versatile reusable bottle.


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